Punch Up Your Corporate Events

Wilmington NC corporate event ideasIf you are responsible for coming up with Wilmington NC corporate event ideas for your company or your clients year after year and your ideas are wearing thin, perhaps it’s time to put a new spin on things. Let’s make them more interesting! If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that everyone loves frozen treats, especially ice cream, and especially in the heat of summer in the South!

When dreaming up Wilmington NC corporate event ideas consider having a Chilly Treats ice cream push cart involved. Our ice cream push carts can be stocked with over 600 different novelty ice creams and will things will stay frozen for more than 8 hours without any electricity. It’s a good way to brighten up people’s days with a free little treat or, depending on the event, make a little extra revenue stream. In either case, we promise you it will be a big success. Our website will show you the menu of the possible 600+ novelty ice creams you could have stocked.

If your Wilmington NC corporate event ideas are for larger affairs, consider a concession service using our Chilly Treats Truck. Our truck will come stocked with over 40 varieties of ice creams, snow cones, drinks, chips, snacks and candy. Even if your event is catered our Chilly Treats work well as an extra special dessert table on wheels.