Birthday Party Ideas

Myrtle Beach birthday party ideasMyrtle Beach birthday party ideas are becoming more original year after year, with parents seeking to make their little ones birthday even more special than the last. Whether you have an extravagant budget or you need a party on a shoe string, we have 10 Myrtle Beach birthday party ideas which promise to make any kids birthday party a fun-filled success!

1. Entertainers. Hiring a professional entertainer, such as a clown or magician, is a very popular party choice.
2. Themed Parties. A favorite television character is a top choice. Find matching table cloths, paper cups, bowls, plates, party hats, balloons, party bags and more at a party store and go from there!
3. Face Painting. Good quality face paints create beautiful effects and are simple to apply. Recruit a few adult friends to help you paint faces, so there is not too much waiting time for the kids.
4. Offer Chilly Treats. Rent an ice cream cart for the duration of the party filled with your choice of ice cream and other frozen treats.
5. Bouncy House. Rent a bouncy house as the main entertainment for the day, blow up the paddling pool and turn on the lawn sprinkler for children to run through.
6. Traditional Party Games. Playing musical chairs, Simon Says, pin the tail on the donkey and red light, green light are all still favorite party games.
Myrtle Beach birthday party ideas7. Treasure Hunt. A well-prepared treasure hunt is always a winner with kids. Hide little prizes along the way with each clue, to keep the kids interested until the end.
8. Sleep-Overs. Sleep-over parties can be so much fun if the party has structure and you keep the children entertained until they are ready to go to sleep. Plan activities that will keep everyone occupied; party games, a treasure hunt; then a party supper and a favorite DVD before bed.
9. Arts and Craft. Children love using glue, paint and glitter to create little master pieces. It’s better for their concentration (and your sanity) if you offer, perhaps, four 10 minute craft activities rather than one long one.
10. Fancy Dress. The most popular dressing-up party themes are princesses for girls and pirates for boys.

Whatever Myrtle Beach birthday party ideas you choose for your child, stay calm and keep smiling. Your efforts will create extra-special memories for all the family!