We Put the Fun in Church Fundraising

Brunswick County church fundraising ideasNorth Carolina churches depend, in large part, on fundraisers to raise money for maintaining the building and grounds, paying the staff, and holding services and special events for their congregation of followers. Some Brunswick County church fundraising ideas are bake sales, car washes and dinners that engage members in social activities and promote community spirit. Sometimes it’s the truly creative Brunswick County church fundraising ideas that spark the imagination of the followers and inspire even those outside of the congregation to get involved in a fundraiser.

Developing fun and inventive church fundraising ideas brings excitement to your fundraising cause. People get motivated when things are exciting and that excitement spreads to others.

Some creative church fundraising ideas are:
~ Scavenger hunts where supporters pledge money for each clue found.
~ Chilly Treats ice cream cart rental to have at your next church event
~ Cooking classes
~ Grab a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records and try to break a record

Church fundraisers promote community spirit, deeper connections and raise money when creative ideas inspire new ways of raising money. People are more engaged and choose to participate more readily when their activities are fun and creative. So go out and collaborate to invent new Brunswick County church fundraising ideas; your community will appreciate the effort and you may find support in places you never dreamed of.